Preschool Curriculum


The emphasis of the preschool curriculum is the social and emotional development of the child. Manners, empathy, sharing and listening are the foundations from which all other understanding flows. On a daily basis, children learn shapes, colors, and numbers, which are incorporated in rhymes and songs. The “letter of the week” introduces children to letter shapes and beginning sounds. Teachers will pursue a more in-depth look at themes that are of particular interest to the children.

Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum builds upon the social-emotional foundation of the child, preparing the student for the academic rigor of Kindergarten. While emphasizing letter/sound recognition, writing, math concepts, social studies, and science topics, students continue to work on listening skills and sharing with others. Religion is taught by using hands-on activities from the series by Loyola Press, “God Made Everything”.

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