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NDS Celebrates Catholic Schools Week

NDS Celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2015  

Notre Dame School joins thousands of Catholic schools nationwide in celebrating our students, families, volunteers and teachers as part of this year's recognition of Catholic Schools Week.

Catholic schools provide quality, faith filled education each and every day.  God bless our schools.


Notre Dame School is an accredited institution.   The school will be participating in the next accreditation cycle in 2016. 

The Notre Dame School - 1974 and beyond.  Celebrating the histories of Our Lady of Guadalupe School and Dolores School.


40 years of quality Catholic education in the heart of Santa Barbara.
Notre Dame School Renovations

Generous benefactors have supported the many renovations at Notre Dame School.   Great thanks and prayers to the Shea Foundation!

Close proximity to the Santa Barbara Symphony, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and other parks, theaters and museums in downtown Santa Barbara offer Notre Dame students exposure to the arts and environment that enhance the classroom curriculum.


Notre Dame Students are held to a high standard of academic rigor that prepares them for a lifetime of learning. Smaller class sizes, up-to-date technology, and an engaged and caring faculty, give students a tremendous opportunity to succeed.


Preschool   Elementary School   Junior High School


Notre Dame School is seeped in Catholic tradition that serves as a guide for students' spiritual and ethical development. Families of all faiths are welcome in the Notre Dame family.

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Notre Dame School continues to provide a quality Catholic education to students. At Notre Dame School each student is an important part of our big Notre Dame family. Not all school families can afford to pay full tuition. Would you consider helping a student to have an education at Notre Dame School? A donation of $2,000 is complete sponsorship of a student for one year. Lesser amounts are also important and are put together to sponsor a student.

Thank you for helping children to be part of our Notre Dame School family.